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David G. ***** 11/17/23
I think I read in the local paper that Dr. Saechao has been formally recognized as the single greatest living organism on Earth at the present time, simply for her skills in the chiropractic arts. The technicians and office staff are top notch as well, making it a hard place to resist if you find yourself driving down the street past the office.

Scott R. ***** 10/21/23
Just want to say Dr. Saechao is awesome! Went in with lower back pain, severe pain I might add and she took care of it the first visit. She’s very nice and understanding. She has a technique that gets the adjustment done and done right the first time. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that can do the impossible she needs to be your choice hands down.

Hugo B. ***** 6/20/23
Dr Saechao and her entire team are nothing short of professional. Came in for my bi-yearly DOT Physical and they were amazing. Dr.Saechao hears everything you have and tells you the truth. That’s what a Dr does. She even gave me some pointers to lose weight (spoiler alert I’m a big guy) but that’s my doing. If they do things, it’s not because they are mean or unprofessional, it’s because that’s their protocol. If they do anything wrong they can lose their License. So the next time you go here or if it’s your first time remember they have to do things by the book. But if you’re going yell because you’re not having a good day or you lack the art of waiting, come back another day or better yet learn to wait because they have a job to do. To all of you in the office you rock and are nothing short of amazing. I’ll be back next time for my physical to the date. Thanks again.

Landon D. ***** 6/14/23
Feel so much better. Everyone was super nice. Was my first time going to a chiropractor and well I wish I came here sooner. Dr was super nice and staff as well. Thanks again

Rich R. ***** 12/9/22
The VA had referred me to Atwater Chiropractic. I was injured in the early 80's and have seen many before, ( over 200 visits). I know the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. After my first visit I have to say this place rates as the best I have ever seen. Just one look inside you can see they invest in their practice and training. The front desk was helpful and enjoyable to be around. I left feeling a new lease on life and can't wait until my next visit, as the VA gave me 12 to start. I asked them what it would cost if I paid in cash , I thought she was joking, their price was lower than I paid 15 years ago!!! Thank you for the care I am receiving!!! 10 stars all day long. And no I do not know them at all as I just moved here.

Henry D. ***** 11/10/22
I have been using Atwater Chiropractic for both personal and business purposes for longer than I can recall. I was referred there by my mother, who had been with them even before Dr. Luis Aguilar came to Merced and with him joining she just loved them even more! Since then I have sent dozens of employees on a regular basis for well over 10 years now for treatment due to injuries, drug testing, physicals, etc. and have always received great service from both Dr. Luis Aguilar and Dr. Kami Saechao. I will admit I get busy sometimes and have dropped the ball on my end regarding anything from paperwork to scheduling, but the staff always go above and beyond to accommodate my lack of planning or execution. They are an invaluable partner for myself and my company, and they are only getting better as time goes on. Thank you guys for everything you do!

Jackie L. ***** 8/5/21
When I tell you I felt instant relief I mean it. I've suffered from back pain for years since having 2 kids and multiple surgeries. Tried heating pads, physical therapy, meds , everything! Just one visit and I already feel less pain and less stiffness. My dr seemed to be avoiding making a referral for a chiropractor but after trying so many other options and x-rays coming back clear I needed to find something that works. Do not hesitate to make an appointment!

Brandon P. ***** 5/16/21
This place is awesome. My back was in bad shape and I was not sleeping very well because of it and it only took one visit and I never felt better.
Do yourself a favor and go see these people you won't regret it.

Jackie C. ***** 4/2/21
Been going to this chiropractor for a while now and love coming here.Dr Saechao is super friendly and very professional. Staff is super friendly and very helpful, especially Lorena! Thanx Lorena!! Amazing place. Would definitely recommend this place to friends and family. ????

Vince A. ***** 7/3/20
I've been coming here for over 10 years. The service I receive is always amazing from the front desk on, I've never had a bad experience. All of the staff are kind and ALWAYS smiling. I recommend Atwater Chiropractic to everyone I know!

Ana M. ***** 5/20/20
Had my first appointment today with Dr. Saechao and it was amazing. I have a short Achilles so for about 29 years I've been walking on my toes, being flat would just be too uncomfortable, I love yoga and poses like down dog felt out of my reach because I would never get my feet flat without any pain well after today's session I did yoga and my feet almost touched the floor on down dog! Not only that but walking feels weird because I actually notice myself walking more flat as opposed to my toes. If this was just with one session I can just imagine how much better I'll feel in the long run!

Richard D. ***** 9/2/19
This is for my wife and I, we both feel this is a great place to get therapy. My wife was seen by both doctors and feels great after an accident. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. My therapy is through the VA and staff made sure that I was going to be seen because we all know how fast the VA works, but AC made the process faster for me. We both recommend Atwater Chiropractic to anyone in the area.

Benita R. ***** 10/9/18
Dr Saechao and her staff are all amazing!!! Best chiropractor I've seen! Very professional and offers great advice about how to stay limber and healthy! Highly recommend.

Mei C. ***** 8/21/17
I fell on my wrist after biking and they were able to get me in on their schedule on a Saturday! Dr. Saechao and the entire staff were pleasant and professional. Dr. S took her time to answer my questions and explain what was going on with my wrist. Feeling so much better even after one visit! Thanks guys!

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